Parish Pastoral Plan

In September 2003 Bishop Malcolm presided over a Diocesan Assembly which brought together representatives from each parish within the Diocese. The purpose of the Assembly was to consider ways in which the growth and development of the Catholic Community of the Nottingham Diocese could be fostered. Following debate at the Assembly a large number of recommendations were put forward and, after careful consideration, many of these were incorporated into a Diocesan Pastoral Plan.


Shortly after the Diocesan Plan was published, Bishop Malcolm asked each parish in the Diocese to produce a Parish Pastoral Plan which would cover six key areas:

  • Communication
  • Planning and Structures
  • Education and Formation
  • Evangelisation and Mission
  • Liturgy and Worship
  • Spirituality


Following a series of parish meetings, it was agreed that Blessed Sacrament Parish would commit its support to the Diocesan Pastoral Plan and that we would make this manifest by adopting the Diocesan Mission Statement as our own and by adopting the Vision, Values and Aims expressed in the Diocesan Plan in so far as this was appropriate to our work at Parish Level.


At each meeting of the Parish Team the agenda is constructed around the six key areas given above and also includes agenda items on: Finance, Health and Safety, and Social Activities.


Each year a rolling Annual Plan is developed which is based on the Parish Pastoral Plan.