£50 – M Myers- No.195 – BS

£25 – A Hunt – No.36 – StP

£25 – S Pachy- No.91 – MoG


24th November Christmas Bazaar

7th December Catholic Schools Carol Concert

17th June 2019 Confirmation

November – Month of the Holy Souls

Our Masses during November will be offered for the Holy Souls. There are envelopes in the porch that can be used to send in the names of the people you wish to be remembered. All the names will be placed on the altar at each Mass.

Catholic School’s Carol Concert

7th December at 7:15pm at De Montfort Hall. Tickets cost £9 and will only be sold via the De Montfort Hall Box Office – not through the schools or Menphys. Phone 0116 2333111 or email

They will be in sale from 30th October onwards.

Catenian Bursaries

Every year the Catenian bursary fund helps young Catholics age 16-24 from all around the world, who volunteer to work on projects all over the world. Each year the fund gives cash grants to help with expenses. to see the wide variety of projects and the few simple criteria you will needs to meet, go to you will find application forms there.

CHEWING GUM & other nasties

Our Church cleaners have reported that they are regularly finding chewing gum, sweets, sweet packets, drinks cans and other “nasties” in the Church. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT bring any of the above into the Church and most definitely do not leave any of them behind. Thank you.