Plans for 2019/2020

The coming year will see major changes in blessed sacrament parish since father maloney, who has been our parish priest for many years, is to retire in september.

Despite some uncertainty it was agreed that an updated parish pastoral plan should be produced.

The plan, which is based on the diocesan pastoral plan, considers the work of the parish in a number of key areas and covers the period 1st april 2019 to 31st march 2020. A rolling plan, i.e. One capable of change in the light of changing circumstances, has been developed by the parish team and covers each of these key areas.

Liturgy and worship

This area of the plan is concerned with ensuring that our liturgies are meaningful, relevant and take account of the changing needs of parishioners.

• The liturgy group will continue to meet regularly. Current membership of the group is as follows: father maloney, mary pepler, amy woolley and susan moore. The purpose of the group is to enhance our liturgies: the mass, special services and other aspects of worship as follows:

The mass: to prepare additional elements for masses at the special times of christmas, holy week, easter, corpus christi, remembrance sunday and other extraordinary masses which require special reflections, extra readings and music, or visual or other enhancements.

Special services: to prepare services of reconciliation, the service of loving remembrance in november, the stations of the cross and christian unity services; also involvement in the local community carol service.

Other aspects of worship: these have included the special themed years which have required constant refreshment in order to encourage the participation of parishioners. The current year of healing is the last in a long line of these especially themed years.

• A children’s mass will continue to be celebrated at 10.00 am on the fourth sunday of each month.

• The african community will continue to lead the singing at mass on the first sunday of each month.

• The filipino community will continue to lead the singing at mass on the first saturday of each month.

• An african mass will continue to be celebrated at 12 noon on the third sunday of each month.

• Special masses will continue to be celebrated in order to mark significant national events or feasts which are important to our parish community including the feast of santo nino and of blessed cyprian tansi.


This section of the plan concerns opportunities for the development of individual spirituality.

• The charismatic prayer group will continue to meet.

• Stations of the cross will be arranged throughout lent on friday evenings at 7.30 pm and at 10.30 pm on saturdays.

• Themed holy hours will be held at 7.00 pm on each thursday during lent

• A parish pilgrimage to the west of ireland will take place in may.

Evangelisation and mission

This area is concerned with our missionary work, both within the immediate area of the parish and more widely, also our ecumenical work with other christian churches.

• We will continue to support initiatives developed by the braunstone churches group and continue to play a significant role in south west leicester council of churches and churches together in kirby muxloe and leicester forest east.

• Funds generated by the friday drop-in will continue to be allocated to supporting needs both locally and in the developing world.

• An appeal will be launched over the christmas period to support a chosen charity.

• All parishioners will be encouraged to support initiatives led by the justice and peace group. These will include support for braunstone foodshare and also the red cross in leicester where £1,000 has been pledged for each year of a five year period to support their work with refugees and asylum seekers.

Education and formation

This area deals with the more structured aspects of the formation of both adults and children, also with initiatives intended to refresh or deepen the faith of parishioners.

• Outreach with local schools will continue and will be further developed.

• Forty-nine children are being prepared for their first holy communion on saturday 15th june.

• Twenty children are being prepared for the sacrament of confirmation which will take place on monday 17th june.

• Three adults and a child will be received into the church at easter.

• The parish justice and peace group will continue to raise awareness of justice and peace issues both affecting those locally as well as globally, through events, quarterly updates, opportunities for reflection and action. They will use as their guides ‘laudato si’, pope francis’s encyclical letter ‘on care for our common home’ and the themes of encounter, discipleship and missionary discipleship adopted and promoted by bishop patrick.

The group will work within the parish and more widely with the aim of increasing knowledge about and support for vulnerable people, promoting respect for others and their skills and strengths. The justice and peace group will aim to increase understanding about the impact we have on the earth and promote ideas for change which may reduce our footprint. They will continue their work in key areas: asylum seekers and refugees; human trafficking & slavery; ethical purchasing; peace and disarmament; homelessness and gambling and catholic social teaching. There will also be links to relevant themes such as prisoner sunday, peace sunday, world water day, refugee week and st josephine bakhita day. The group will encourage more parishioners to get involved in activities and meetings of the j&p group and will work together with other groups within the parish to coordinate their charitable works.

The parish group will strengthen their links with the diocesan justice and peace commission and will, where possible, coordinate their work within the proposed three-year strategy, which identifies key areas of development:

o Formation for gospel life

o Engagement and transformation

o Samaritan mercy

o Advice and representation

o Wise stewardship

For further detail see justice and peace pages on the parish website. The e-mail address of the group is:

• We will continue to work with the travelling community by offering support in the preparation of children and adults for their reception of the sacraments. We will also continue to support diocesan initiatives within the community and, in particular, the work of sister bernadette healy who has been appointed to undertake a diocesan ministry to the travelling community. Parish contact karen scott, e-mail


This area of the pastoral plan considers our need to communicate effectively both with our own parishioners and with the wider world.

• Our main means of communication with parishioners will remain the weekly bulletin and the parish website. Details of services and other events will be published in both media. The parish website will also display other details about the parish, minutes of parish meetings and links to other relevant websites.

• Established links with local media, including newspapers circulating in the five areas of the parish: braunstone town, braunstone, thorpe astley, kirby muxloe and leicester forest east, will be maintained. Articles will be submitted to the diocesan newspaper and to other magazines and newspapers as appropriate.

Planning and structures

This area of the plan deals with the maintenance of the physical structure of the church, hall and grounds, also with the management of the parish.

• The annual general meeting of the parish will be held at 8.00 pm on 10th june.

• Meetings of the parish team will be held at approximately 6 week intervals, except during july and august. Minutes of the meetings will be posted on the parish website.

• 1000 contact cards have been printed and will be delivered to new homes within the parish during late spring.

• Following the installation of emergency lighting in both the church and parish hall a programme of monthly checks is being followed. A more comprehensive check has been arranged on an annual basis.

• Outstanding repairs, identified during the quinquennial inspection of parish property, will be completed. A number of other alterations or repairs not included in the quinquennial report will also be carried out.


This area of the plan ensures the appropriate management and oversight of the financial resources of the parish.

• We will continue to promote the envelope scheme and the gift-aid scheme by an annual presentation at all masses.

• We will continue to promote the 300 club which we operate in partnership with the parishes of st. Peters and mother of god and which provides a source of funding to each parish. For further details contact karen scott on 07935381771 or by e-mail:

• Although the four-year appeal on behalf of the sick and retired priest’s fund came to an end in june 2017, the parish will continue to make annual donations until the assessed contribution of £ 74,000 has been achieved.

Health and safety

This area is concerned with ensuring that the parish meets all legal obligations and also the best practice guidelines defined by the diocese.

• An updated risk assessment will be completed and sent to the diocese in may and will include details of remedial action taken following last year’s assessment.

• Arrangements will be made with outside contractors to carry out testing of all portable electrical appliances together with all required annual checks (boiler and gas inspection; fire equipment and notices; gutter and roof check).

• following the installation of emergency lighting in both the church and parish hall a programme of monthly checks is being followed. A more comprehensive check has been arranged on an annual basis.

• The parish safeguarding policy will be reviewed at the september meeting of the parish team.

• A review will be undertaken to ensure that the parish is fully compliant with the requirements of the data protection act 2018 and the recommendations published by the nottingham diocese.

Social activities

The purpose of this area of the plan is to encourage parishioners, including those who are frail or lonely, to meet socially.

• The friday drop-in will continue to meet weekly at 10.00 am as a resource both to parishioners and the local community and as a significant source of funding for local and third world charities. Over the twenty years of its existence a total of around £ 200,000 has been raised and given away.

• A fish and chip lunch will be organised for older parishioners in february.

• The parish bazaar will be held in late november.

• A christmas lunch will be organised for the older parishioners of our own and other local churches.

• The golden years club will continue to meet at 1.45 pm each monday.

• A friendship morning will be held each tuesday at 10.00 am.

• A series of other social events is being planned.