Blessed Sacrament Church

Twenty Fifth Sunday of the Year

Year B, Psalter 1

23rd September 2018

 This Week in Our Parish ….

Monday 24th September Our Lady of Walsingham

1:45am Golden Years – an afternoon for the more mature

7:30pm MASS for Emily O’Boyle RIP

Tuesday 25th September

9:30am MASS for Frances Kane RIP

10:00am Friendship morning

Wednesday 26th September

12 noon MASS for Joseph O’Flynn RIP

Thursday 27th September St Vincent de Paul, Priest

9:30am   MASS for Intentions of the Parish

7:00pm Holy Hour in the Chapel

Friday 28th September

9:30am MASS for Guise Nguyen Van Khau RIP

Saturday 29th September Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels

10:00am First Communion class – in the Chapel

10:00am Open Church – with the Rosary from 10:30am – at the Grotto if fine

10:00am ‘Global healing’ – the film will be shown in the Church

5:00pm Confessions and Spiritual Advice

6:00pm MASS for Peter Vu Van Que RIP

Sunday 30th September

9:30am Confessions and Spiritual Advice

10:00am    MASS for Helen and Gordon, in Thanksgiving

Readers … 29th/30th September

29th September: Readers: Celia & Karen; Bidding Prayer: Melonie

30th September: Readers: Helen & Marie; Bidding Prayer: Ursula